Welcome to the wiki supporting Introduction to STS (STS 5424) for fall 2015 at Virginia Tech.

This seminar introduces graduate students to the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) and its major ideas and texts. We will address how STS differs from other fields and the advantages and limits of our unique interdisciplinary approach. Drawing on anthropological, historical, philosophical, and sociological methods, we will explore topics such as the foundations of scientific knowledge; science as a source of social power and authority; understanding technological systems; race, gender, and postcolonial perspectives; and public engagement with science and technology. You will become familiar with the major questions and theories that have been debated by STS scholars and learn how the focus of the field has changed over time. Together, through critical reading and discussion, question formation and analysis, timed responses (in exams), and collaborative research and presentation, we will learn to think and communicate as STS scholars.

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