After Monday's class each discussion leader will comment and reflect on any ideas raised, or neglected, in the question, response and discussion process during the preceding week. And if so inclined, the discussion leader may revisit and comment on previous questions, responses, discussions and commentaries. While I leave the commentary's content to the writer, I ask that one goal be to help develop a coherent narrative about the issues raised in the course. Thus, a possible outcome of the commentaries would be that at the semester's end one could, simply by reading commentaries, get a clear sense of our understanding of knowledge and information management and the effect of digital technologies on the organization and distribution of information and how we come to know in a digital world. Might I suggest that the commentaries be performed soon as possible after the class as proper reflection allows.

Group 6's commentary.

Group 5's commentary.

Group 4's commentary.

Group 3's commentary.

Group 2's commentary.

Group 1's commentary.

Fall 2009 Commentaries

Team 6's commentary.

Team 5's commentary.

Team 4's commentary.

Team 3's commentary.

Team 2's commentary.

Team 1's commentary.

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