Group 6 Commentary

Jordan, Katelyn and Michael please provide your commentary on any ideas raised, or neglected, in the question, response and discussion process during the preceding week. And if so inclined you may revisit and comment on previous questions, responses, discussions and commentaries.

Jordan's Commentary:

I feel like over the course of the semester the class has really sort of shaped how it wants to handle group “presentation” days. I’m skeptical as to whether these were in fact any sort of presentations, since I typically view a presentation as information flowing in one direction. I think what the class has settled on as comfortable is more of a discussion, where we bounce ideas off one another and put the abstract material from the reading into context of our own lives, to make it more understandable and accessible to us. And I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out, since the more relaxed atmosphere really facilitates discourse, since more people can get a word in edgewise. Which usually results in at least a few ideas being brought up that may not have readily occurred to all of us independently.

As far as the actual discussion in class went, I was pretty satisfied. The other members of the class really took hold of the material and made it their own (even if the enthusiasm for the question page on the wiki has largely faded), which resulted in a pretty fluid discussion. The only concern I have is that some topics from the questions were touched on more heavily than others, but as I’ve thought about it I’ve largely discredited these concerns. I mostly consider the questions themselves to be a loose guide for conversation, so I think it’s ok that things proceeded in a natural fashion (after all, if people want to know what others thought about the questions specifically, they can just go read the forum).

Overall, only two questions went unanswered on the forum. One of which was perhaps a poor choice on my part, as it was a question about the correlation between the human brain and technology, that I suspect was fueled by a fairly heavy background in computer science, that I doubt many of my peers has in common with me. So I wasn’t too troubled to just let that one slide, if it meant more time for more meaningful topics to the majority of the class. The other question was regarding the concept of quality versus quantity with regards to modern mass production, and a particularly stellar analogy between media and food (junk food versus real food), so that got handled at least during class. All in all, I think things went pretty well.

Mike's Commentary

Jordan basically covered much of opinions towards the presentation and discussion. I thought that the class discussion was pretty fluid despite a few hiccups here and there. During class discussions, we tend to have a monopolized conversation, but I think a good variety of classmates get their opinions heard.

Some of the things we talked about went off topic (facilitated by me), but I don't think that is a bad thing. The side topics weren't completely irrelevant, but I felt like that it was where our discussions were naturally leading.

I believe that the material we covered best summarized what our class is about. That is why I felt that it was a good topic to let the class go on and freely discuss their thoughts.

Kate's Commentary

I felt that our presentation went really well. The questions the group chose allowed the conversation to flow, and I felt that it allowed for many different opinions from the class. The topics in our presentation seemed very relevant to everyday life in the digital world, and the class was very responsive about how this affect's their daily lives.

I felt that the conversation of class was continuous, and it provided many students in class to share their points of view. The video that we watched at the beginning of class was unplanned, but it did provide a good starting point for discussion (as well as a media-boost for our presentation).

The topics in Delete were related to many previous discussions in KM, and I found that Delete really reinforced these previously discussed ideas. All in all, our presentation helped to expand upon ideas about KM, and it allowed for an open discussion from the class.

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