Sutphin Analytical Report

Firstly, I have to say that I have a tabbing problem. I never close out a site, I just tab and open another one. So once I'm logged in to a page, it stays up the whole time I'm online. So while I may be logged into facebook or twitter, I will not be actually looking at it.


I use facebook every day. My pattern of use is fairly consistent: It’s usually the first site I open when I get online, and I go through the newsfeed on my page and check any notifications I have. When I see that one of my facebook friends has done something involving yet another in-my-opinion-stupid application, I take the opportunity to permanently “Hide” it from my feed. I mainly use facebook to post links, and I always have an active facebook status. I do post photos rather consistently, and I like looking through my friends' albums. As far as my privacy settings, I have all of my family, older and younger facebook friends on limited profiles, where they cannot see photos I am tagged in or my status updates.


I’m fairly new to twitter (I have less than 100 tweets). I think twitter is a bit more professional than facebook. Originally, I thought that twitter was just a collection of facebook statuses. But now, it seems that twitter breaks news before anyone else. I also recently received kudos from an employer in an interview for taking the initiative to do some extra research.


I go to, a user-submitted forum for links, that are ranked by user votes. I probably visit the site once a day, for about 45 minutes. I only go through the “pics” and “funny” subreddits, a lot of the other ones are just too political or pornographic. I don’t usually vote on links, but occasionally I will submit one that I find rather interesting and unique.

My other uses of Web 2.0 technologies include occasionally going to sites like to play a round of silly old flash games and going to sites like, which is a collection of bad, funny and horrible snippets from facebook.

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