Team 1 Commentary

Jenny and Kara, please provide your commentary on any ideas raised, or neglected, in the question, response and discussion process during the preceding week. And if so inclined you may revisit and comment on previous questions, responses, discussions and commentaries.

**Kara Williams **
During the discussion we clarified a posted questioned which incorrectly interpreted the Introduction in Fred Turner’s From Counterculture to Cyberculture. The clarification: Turner states that a computer’s mobility and a computer networks does not make it personal technology. Turner continues with Zuboff’s counterpoint, a computer’s mobility and computer networks does personal technology. Another discussion point we raised to further a question posited about collaboration was how much contribution of ideas and resources must a person make in order for it to be considered collaboration and not Group Think? The general consensus was that it is quality, not quantity that determines whether a person has contributed.

Jenny Milne
I thought that overall, our presentation went very well, and there weren't too many awkward silences. I enjoyed our questions, and the section that we read, which made it easier to present on it. Being able to lead a discussion with our peers helped me understand what I read, and I hope our questions gave them a better understanding. I just wish, that when we asked the questions, we included a part for them to state why the choose to answer a certain question.

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