Team 2's Commentary

Rachel and Kristen, please provide your commentary on any ideas raised, or neglected, in the question, response and discussion process during the preceding week. And if so inclined you may revisit and comment on previous questions, responses, discussions and commentaries.

I led the class discussion on chapter 7 of From Counterculture to Cyberculture, and I thought it went really well. Although I posted two questions on the forum about this chapter, only one question received any responses (concerning the metaphor of whether life is like a computer), so most of the discussion was about this question. It was especially interesting that the answers to the question ranged from total agreement to complete disagreement, with a few answers in between, so it was worth debating the issue. By the end of the discussion, I think most people came away with a different perspective about the issue than they may have initially considered, and at the very least everyone had the opportunity to hear an opposing perspective. Although no one answered my second on the forum, when I asked it again in class a few people did have opinions and possible answers. The discussion ranged from our dependence on modern technology, to how technology can manage knowledge, to how we should use the Internet. I was glad so many people spoke up to give their opinion and discuss their forum post because it resulted in a great discussion.

I led a discussion on chapter 6 of Turner's From Counterculture to Cyberculture. Both of the questions I posed to the class were answered, which was nice. I led a discussion on how I would answer the questions, and how students' responded and picked out quotes from what I liked. I didn't really get much feedback from the students. Maybe I didn't ask thought-provoking enough questions. I remember asking a handful of times whether anyone from the class had something to comment on, but rarely got any responses. Everyone answered the questions really well, so I'm actually kind of surprised no one felt the need to comment. I thought the topics relating to the questions were good ones to bring up in class, as they had come up quite often in class. However, I felt the discussion on Kristen's chapter and 2 questions went extremely well. The class seemed to keep the discussion going with interjections from Kristen only when need be.

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