Team 4 Commentary

Taylor, Courtney and Amanda please provide your commentary on any ideas raised, or neglected, in the question, response and discussion process during the preceding week. And if so inclined you may revisit and comment on previous questions, responses, discussions and commentaries.

For the most part, I believe that our discussion went quite well although I feel that further discussion would have proved more fruitful. For me the most poignant topic that arose centered around the contradictions between Keen and Surowieki's arguments. While I feel that some discussion was generated, the direct contrast between the two authors opinions is a topic that could certainly have led to more discussion. The class did address the distinctions, particularly between each authors opinion of the value of amateur information on the internet. I would have liked to see people get more involved in the discussion and especially to choose sides. Those that did respond advocated a middle ground that incorporated both expert opinions and amatuer information depending on the situation but no real middle ground was defined. We did not seem to address where the issue is heading in the future, and I believe that over time the argument will only become more heated. Although it is extremely difficult to place, I would have liked to see the class draw a distinct line between amatuer information and expert knowledge and when each is waranted. Nevertheless I feel that a valuable discussion emerged, one that will continue throughout the class and over time as the internet becomes more powerful and influential over the information we gather and our very lives as a whole.

-Taylor Bryan

I agree with Taylor and definitely think our discussion on the first section of Keen's novel went very well. However, I also would have liked to discuss Keen and Surowieki, as their perspective works would have provoked a great deal of discussion. The two authors offer such different perspectives, both of which are very interesting and important for our understanding and learning in this class as a whole. Maybe the next group would like to touch on that?

I really enjoyed discussing a topic that we, as college students could closely relate to. I definitely enjoyed talking about Facebook and other social networking sites and their social implications. Thank you to everyone who was in class! These discussions are proving very beneficial to a create more profound understanding of the impact of the Internet and technology on society, and most importantly our lives.

-Courtney Carlson

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