Teams — or groups if you prefer — come into play for the Essay Sequence assignment. I have assembled you into six teams composed of three members. I have indicated on the course calendar when groups will formulate questions, provide keywords, lead discussion and provide commentary. Please note that the dates I've given below refer only to when groups conduct class. Other elements of the assignment occur before and after the dates provided. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the assignment.

Team 1: Katie Collins, Elliott Ditman, Aimee Gervacio. Please refer to February 1 on the calendar.
Team 2: McKinley Gillespie, Liz Hardwick, Gordon Ligon. Please refer to February 15 on the calendar.
Team 3: Megan Mercer, Jared Putman, Anne-Randolph Scott. Please refer to March 1 on the calendar.
Team 4: Brandon Shipp, Brittney Trimmer, Meagan Watson. Please refer to March 22 on the calendar.
Team 5: Vance Roberts, Lorelle Stephanski, Lindsey Sutphin. Please refer to April 5 on the calendar.
Team 6: Jordan Davis, Katelyn Webster, Michael Yi. Please refer to April 19 on the calendar.

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